Vacature Customer support Engineer buitendienst

Wij zoeken een gedreven Customer Support Engineer voor het efficiënt ondersteunen van installatie en onderhoud van onze producten.
Je werkt in een klein team dat de helpdesk verzorgt voor ons internationaal distributeurs netwerk. Je geeft technische trainingen en bijscholingen aan technici over producten en diensten van Fusion, zowel intern als “on-site”. Daarnaast geef je ook “on-site” support van nieuwe installaties bij de desbetreffende distributeurs in binnen- en buitenland. Je communiceert helder en transparant over je werk met zowel specialisten als leken en stemt je activiteiten af met collega’s en klanten.
Je hebt goede communicatieve vaardigheden en kunt goed in een team functioneren.

Verder Group new owner of Fullwood Packo Group

Tue, 04/08/2015 - 15:43
Verder and Fullwood Packo logos

The Verder Group, a Dutch family-owned business specialising in the manufacture and distribution of industrial products, acquired in its entirety the 230 year old UK based Fullwood Packo Group, experts in milking machines, milk cooling and specialist products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Le système Fullwood FC est un nouveau système de câblage incorporant le FarmCAN™ qui conjugue alimentation électrique et communication pour
relier les uns aux autres tous les composants de la salle de traite.

Grâce à cette solution modulaire et simple, la conception, l'installation, la configuration, l'entretien et le fonctionnement quotidien de la salle de traite en sont considérablement facilités. Le Fullwood FC2 est la première interface utilisateur, introduite dans le cadre de la série de systèmes Fullwood FC.

Crystal in 10 minutes

Wed, 12/11/2014 - 10:57

A 10 minutes presentation video about the highlights of Crystal is now available on Youtube!

After starting the video, one can select fullscreen and/or select a better quality (depending on download speed available). The video contain spoken English, but subtitles are available in English and Dutch. After starting the video you will be able to select the Dutch or English subtitles from the bottom bar with the button named Captions.

Welcome to Fusion

Fusion Electronics BV develops, manufactures and markets process control and herd management systems for dairy farming and other livestock applications. We market our products in more than 50 countries through a dedicated network of qualified distributors.

Dairy farming is more and more becoming a complex and sophisticated business. Due to a growing world population and increasing consumers demands both the quantity and quality of products produced need to grow. On the other hand a growing scarcity of resources and increasing environmental restrictions force producers to minimize inputs. Therefore need to have accurate, up to date information on which to base herd and business decisions is essential. In addition to this, growing consumer interest, animal welfare, traceability and food quality increase demands for accurate record keeping in relation to farm activities. It is impossible to satisfy all these demands from manual records.