The ICAR approved Afi-lite milk meter is a simple to use milk meter giving the operator full control of the milking process. Linked to the Crystal herd management program, the milk meter is a powerful parlour assistant recording milk quantity and quality data. At the same time it allows the operator to access individual animal information and receive alerts e.g.:Afi-lite front

  • Health code
  • Cow data
  • Concentrate feed data
  • Kick off alert
  • Mastitis alert

The Afi-lite can be installed in any parlour and parlour configuration.

Key Benefits:

  • ICAR approved Milk yield recording.
  • Recording of electrical conductivity of the milk.
  • Central commands to operate parlour equipment from one point.
  • Cluster removal functionality.
  • Pulsation management.
    • Stimulation to encourage milk let down.
    • Standard pulsation control
    • Flow controlled pulsation
  • Access to cow data during milking.
  • Parlour coding.
  • Kick off alert.
  • Adaptable to almost any parlour.

Download the Afi-lite leaflet here.

Afi-lite parlour example

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