The Afiflo ICAR approved milk meter has been developed for the most demanding breeders wanting to keep track of all details regarding productivity and reproduction during the milking process.

The multiple displays on the Afiflo allows the operator to instantly access and record individual cow data to and from the Crystal herd management program during milking, data such as:

  • Cow ID
  • Days in milk
  • Concentrate feed allowance and amount eaten
  • Dates of fertility events such as last insemination, days in milk etc.
  • Health alerts

In addition, the Afiflo will receive alerts pre-programmed in Crystal, to inform the operator about cows with colostrum, antibiotic or high conductivity. In addition it will block the cluster being used for cows which should not be milked.

Key Benefits of Afiflo:

  • Milk yield recording.
  • Conductivity recording.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Central commands.
  • Instant access to animal specific information.
  • Cluster removal functionality.
  • Pulsation management.
    • Stimulation to encourage milk let down.
    • Standard pulsation control.
    • Flow controlled pulsation.
  • Access to cow data during milking.
  • Parlour coding.
  • Kick off alert.
  • Adaptable to almost any parlour.

Download the Afiflo leaflet here.

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