Crysta Act+

Crysta Act+

Good reproductive management is key to a successful dairy farm to ensure optimum calving intervals and maximum milk yields

Crystal activity monitoring is an effective tool in fertility management. The step counting pedometer is attached to the cow’s leg. It is a proven device providing accurate information for determining oestrus cycles and health exceptions. On many farms practical experience has led to heat detection being completely taken over by Crystal, thus reducing labour and improving profits.

The Crysta Act+ system is the latest development in automated animal observation. In addition to the advantages of the standard Crysta Act system the Crysta Act+ system has the capability of also measuring rest time and rest bouts of each animal. Both parameters can indicate deviations in behaviour, health and stress and comfort levels experienced by a cow.

Improved animal welfare will result in improved animal performance and milk quality

Key Benefits of Crysta Act+:

  • Records extra behavioural parameters such as rest time and lying bouts.
  • Labour saving.
  • Optimizes calving interval.
  • Reduces the number of open days.
  • Reduces involuntary culling due to breeding problems.
  • Early detection of anoestrus, abortions and cyclic disorders.
  • Historical recording of heats.
  • Historical recording of previous lactation events.

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