Crysta Heat Flex

Crysta Heat Flex

Proper heat detection through visual observation is a time consuming task for a farmer.Crysta Heat Flex

Heats occur throughout the day and night  and keeping a regular “eye out” for heat signs several hours per day, is difficult to implement for a busy farmer. Crysta Heat Flex relieves the farmer from this time-intensive task and presents heat and animal welfare information in clear and understandable reports and graphs. Animals detected with an increase activity can be automatically separated into a holding pen.

The technology used in Crysta Heat Flex is identical to that used in the successful Crystal herd management program. This makes it possible to upgrade Crysta Heat flex to a full Crystal system in case more management tools such as recording of milk yield and conductivity and feeding control need to be used.

Crysta Heat flex registers activity data over a whole lactation making it a valuable tool not only to detect abnormal heats (nymphomania, anoestrus and abortion) but also lameness and other welfare issues.


Crysta Heat flex…..step by step heat detection


Key Benefits of Crysta Heat flex:

  • Detects cows in heat
  • Reduction in “open days”
  • Reduction in semen cost and hormones
  • Standard auto separation for cows with high activity reading
  • Detection animal welfare issues:  abnormal heats, abortion and lameness
  • Suitable for use with Dairy and Beef herds
  • Activity graph shows a whole lactation
  • Agenda functionality to record fertility and health events
  • Fast input of animal data.
  • Uses well proven Pedometers
  • Maintenance free
  • Simple to install and user friendly

Crysta Heat Flex graph

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