Crystal herd management: Completing the management Circle

Dairy farming is more and more becoming a complex and sophisticated business. The need to have accurate, up to date information on which to base herd and business decisions is essential. In addition to this, growing consumer interest, animal welfare requirements, traceability and food quality increase demands for accurate record keeping in relation to farm activities. With the right information, the farmer can make the correct management decisions.

In today’s busy farming environment managers need the right information at their disposal with a few mouse clicks in an easy to understand format.

Crystal herd management follows the principle of management by exception providing easy to understand reports and graphs that only show those cows that need your attention.

The Crystal herd management system supports the 4 main steps in farm management:

Automated animal observation

Collecting and providing sensor information such as:

  • Milk yield
  • Milk conductivity
  • Milk temperature
  • Animal behaviour such as activity
  • Animal  health
  • Feed intake
  • Body weight

Information analysis

Automated analysis of observations made:

  • Fertility and health events
  • Performance of animals, both individual and per group/herd
  • Management by exception, find animals that need attention

Animal handling and control

Automatically generate attentions and actions to be taken:

  • Automatic  actions  based on sensor information as defined in the “Action planner” module
  • Automated animal routing
  • Attention/work lists for different users of the system


Automated Reporting and networking:

  • Automated generation of reports
  • Custom made reports
  • Agricultural network connectivity

Crystal supports the farmer in his daily herd management. It collects and analyses data from the animals and processes like feeding and milking. Based on that it will generate actions and finally report back on the outcome of decisions taken.

You think you know some of your animals, Crystal knows them all!!

Key System Benefits:

  • Modular and scalable
  • Report generator to create custom made reports
  • Ability to manage large groups of animals on an individual basis
  • Clear and graphical presentation of data
  • Fast data input for new animals and samples
  • Extensive concentrate feeding features
  • User defined access levels
  • Action planner module to create automated actions based on sensor information
  • Agricultural network connectivity
  • Extended Help system

Download the Crystal brochure here.

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