FlowMatic Plus

FlowMatic Plus

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FlowMatic plus is the latest generation of Automatic cluster removers designed to ensure animal welfare and the harvest of good quality milk.

This unique combination makes the FlowMatic plus a user friendly, easy to maintain ACR which can be fitted in any milking parlour.

The sensor technology and sensor design enable FlowMatic plus to control cluster removal at precisely the correct milk flow level preventing ‘over milking’ and therefore safe guarding milk quality and animal welfare.

The advanced ACR has adjustable timing for the operation of the vacuum valve and the take-off cylinder and can be used to control other devices like swing over arms or stripping arms.

FlowMatic plus provides an advanced system for pulsation control. It allows for adjustable pulsation speed and ratios and supports automatic or manual activated stimulation at the start of milking. This to encourage milk let down. Another benefit is that pulsation will switch off at the end of each milking reducing wear on the pulsators and reducing noise in the parlour.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate measurement and display of milk flow, milking time, milking  progress and incomplete milking
  • Unrestricted milk flow due to free flow sensor design ensuring no effect on vacuum stability or milk quality
  • Suitable for low milk flows as well, so can be used for cows, goats, sheep and camels
  • Adjustable time delay between vacuum shut off and removal of cluster
  • Quick cluster pick up and indication of “Kick-off”
  • Maintenance free
  • Pulsation management
  • “soft” cluster detachment
  • Automatic or manual activated stimulation
  • Optional remote or automatic start function
  • Automatic start up in wash mode


FlowMatic Plus parlour example

Download the FlowMatic Plus leaflet here.

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