Fullclean Plus

Fullclean Plus

Over the years the Fullclean plus has proven itself as a reliable and versatile standalone cleaning controller. The cleaning controller will ensure an efficient and reliable cleaning process and thereby safe guarding milk quality.

Fullclean plus will automatically control a variety of cleaning processes such as correct dosing of detergent and disinfectants. It will also automatically purge the last litres of milk in to the bulk tank and then start a timed pre milking disinfection phase.

Fullclean plus will record and store historical data about the cleaning process. In case of cleaning problems the farmer or engineer can scroll through those data using the keyboard and display of the controller.

Fullclean plus is an easy to use and versatile cleaning controller able to work in different types and sizes of parlours.

Key Benefits:

  • Economic use of water, energy and detergent, in that way minimizing environmental load of parlour cleaning
  • Alert when incomplete or incorrect cleaning
  • Cleaning history log
  • Supports Circulation clean (e.g. disinfection, double main rinse and double after rinse)
  • Supports Boiling water cleaning
  • Supports Closed circuit washing
  • Recuperation of water:
    • Re-use after rinse water for next main/pre-rinse
    • Re-use main rinse water for multiple cleaning cycles
    • Re-use main/ after rinse water for cleaning parlour
  • Delivery line position check
  • Air purge control
  • Precision Auto dosing of chemicals
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