FullfeedThe standalone Fullfeed out of parlour feed systems offer a flexible method of feeding dairy cows with concentrates and supplements.

The Fullfeed feeding system allows concentrate feeding on an individual animal basis. Feed is dispensed in defined portions and with controlled time intervals resulting in real benefits in terms of milk yield and animal health.

The built in cow calendar will store individual cow data for the current lactation and record fertility events such as:

  • Oestrus
  • Service
  • Pregnancy
  • Dry off
  • Calving date
  • Barren

With the Fullfeed report generator detailed reports can be printed  providing accurate information about:

  • Individual cows and groups
  • Feed allowance and feed uneaten
  • Health & Fertility
  • Animals due for service, PD, drying off, calving etc.

   Concentrate feeding boxes
Key Benefits Fullfeed:

  • Large memory for up to 200 cows
  • Ability to operate up to 6 feed stations
  • Capacity for up to 21 different feeding groups
  • Wide variety in feeding groups
  • Cow calendar
  • Powerful reporting structure
  • No maintenance cost
  • Easy calibration
  • Ear tag or neck transponder ID
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