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The MicroMatic is designed with the needs of animal and operator in mind and with the aim to harvest the best quality of milk. This unique combination makes the MicroMatic a user friendly, easy to maintain ACR which can be fitted in any milking parlour. It controls cluster removal at precisely the correct milk flow preventing ‘over milking’ and therefore safe guarding udder health.

Centrally placed indicator lights provide the operator from a distance information regarding the milking mode and milk flow level.

Free flow sensor detailThe free flow sensor is positioned in the milk tube between the cluster and the milk line and allows for accurate sensing of milk flow ensuring the exact timing for cluster removal.

The device is also very well suited for milking goats, sheep, buffalos and camels.

The free flow milk sensor design does not impede milk flow and vacuum stability ensuring healthy udders and quality milk. Furthermore this one piece sensor has no moving or wearing parts and therefore is completely maintenance free.


Key Benefits MicroMatic:MicroMatic freeflow sensor

  • Accurate measurement of milk flow
  • Accurate and  automatic cluster removal
  • Unrestricted milk flow due to free flow sensor design ensuring no effect on vacuum stability or milk quality
  • Suitable for low milk flows, so can be used for cows, goats, sheep and camels
  • Optional time delay between vacuum shut off and removal of cluster
  • No additional air inlet and/or generation of froth in the milk
  • Low water requirement during cleaning
  • Maintenance free
  • Optional sweep of remaining milk
  • Optional operation of swing over arms
  • Optional maximum milking time
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