Sensomatic frontThe Sensomatic is a new generation Milk yield indicator capable of controlling essential milking functions such as pulsation and cluster take off. It also provides valuable information from the milking process such as milk yield, electrical conductivity of the milk, temperature and milking time. The Sensomatic will also monitor the cleaning process and therefore safe guarding the milk quality.

Sensomatic’s unique measuring principle also allows for an accurate indication of smaller milk yields. This makes the device suitable for milking small ruminants such as sheep and goats.

Sensomatic freeflow sensor detailThe distinctive and unrestricted design of the freeflow sensor ensures a stable vacuum at the teat end contributing to healthy udders. As the sensor does not have any moving or wearing parts it also contributes to very low running cost.

Sensomatic provides valuable information about the conductivity and temperature of the milk passing through the sensor. These parameters can be used as an effective management tool in monitoring and improving udder health.

Swingover parlour with Sensomatics







Key Benefits of Sensomatic:

  • Easy to use control box
  • Maintenance free
  • Measurement of temperature and conductivity of the milk
  • Milk yield indication
  • Monitoring temperature and duration of cleaning
  • Cleaning alerts
  • Central parlour commands
  • Ability to link to the Crystal automated herd management system
  • Able to link to a wide variety of Activity recording and ID systems including Watch ID

Download the Sensomatic brochure here.

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