Sensomatic Watch ID

Sensomatic Watch ID

The Sensomatic Watch ID system is a unique and reliable animal identification system that meets the accuracy of per stall ID systems at a low cost level.

The Watch ID system uses a special "watch" like identification unit worn on the operators' wrists. It detects both  the stall position and animal ID at the moment the cluster is attached for milking. The Watch ID works in combination with the Crystal herd management system allowing you to record milk yield, conductivity and other animal data accurately and reliably.

The Sensomatic Watch ID system can be used with cows sheep and goats and  is particularly effective in situations where it is difficult to identify the animal at each individual milking point or where animals are likely to pass each other once identified at the entrance of the parlour.

The innovative design of the Watch ID system is applicable to most parlour systems such as:

  • Shared or Swingover parlours, where animals standing opposite to each other are milked by one Sensomatic unit.
  • Free-style parlours, where animals standing next to each other are milked by one Sensomatic unit.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate ID system even in difficult circumstances
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Linked to Crystal
  • Easy to use control box
  • Temperature and Conductivity measurement
  • Milk yield indication
  • Cleaning alerts
  • Central parlour commands

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