Moving animals around on the farm is one of the most time consuming activities. Crystal automates cow traffic by combining animal identification and operating multi directional sorting gates. Animals wearing either ISO tags or pedometer tags can be directed along a pre-programmed route to destinations such as holding pens or group areas. Information for animals to be sorted can be entered through the Crystal software on the PC or straight from the milk meter keyboard in the milking parlour.

Animals can be diverted into a holding pen for a variety of reasons, for example for a health check by a veterinarian or for AI. In farming situations where cows are managed in feeding or lactation groups the Crystal segregation system effectively moves animals back to the appropriate group after milking.

In combination with a Merlin automatic milking system, cows can be sent out to graze depending on the time of day, expected milk yield, milking times and any other parameters set in the program. Cow traffic settings can be entered into the system manually or generated automatically using the Crystal Action Planner.

Stand Alone Animal Separation:

A simple standalone cow traffic unit is available without a link to Crystal. This system simply diverts any cow that has been given a leg tag during the milking process. Animals without a tag can walk to the barn as normal and only animals carrying the special separation tag will be diverted in to a holding pen.

Key Benefits:

  • Uses ISO tags or pedometer tags.
  • Can be used as standalone separation.
  • Traffic criteria to be entered through PC or parlour control system.
  • Separation depending on a wide variety of criteria such as:
    • Production groups.
    • Feeding groups.
    • Timed separation.
    • Body weight.
  • Works in conjunction with the Crystal Action Planner module.
  • Suitable for all types of farm animals.
  • Able to work in conjunction with CrystaWeigh system.


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