Fullclean Plus

Over the years the Fullclean plus has proven itself as a reliable and versatile standalone cleaning controller. The cleaning controller will ensure an efficient and reliable cleaning process and thereby safe guarding milk quality.


The standalone Fullfeed out of parlour feed systems offer a flexible method of feeding dairy cows with concentrates and supplements.


The ICAR approved LM1 milk meter is a simple to use milk meter giving the operator full control over the milking process. Linked to the Crystal herd management program, the milk meter is a powerful parlour assistant recording milk quantity and quality data. At the same time it allows the operator to access individual animal information and receive alerts.


The MicroMatic is designed with the needs of animal and operator in mind and with the aim to harvest the best quality of milk. This unique combination makes the MicroMatic a user friendly, easy to maintain ACR which can be fitted in any milking parlour. It controls cluster removal at precisely the correct milk flow preventing ‘over milking’ and therefore safe guarding udder health.

Parlour Monitor

The parlour monitor is one of Crystal’s key solutions to complete the management circle by providing the parlour operator valuable information during the milking process.
Information directly related to the milking process such as Yield, Conductivity, Parlour codes, Milking point status, Gate status etc. is readily available.


The Roughage Intake Control (RIC) feeding system is specially designed for research organisations interested in evaluating feed intake, feed conversion rates etc. As each animal has access to a dedicated feeder based on its own identity it is possible to run several feed trails in a comparative environment.


The Sensomatic is a new generation Milk yield indicator capable of controlling essential milking functions such as pulsation and cluster take off. It also provides valuable information from the milking process such as milk yield, electrical conductivity of the milk, temperature and milking time. The Sensomatic will also monitor the cleaning process and therefore safe guarding the milk quality.

Sensomatic Watch ID

The Sensomatic Watch ID system is a unique and reliable animal identification system that meets the accuracy of per stall ID systems at a low cost level.
The Watch ID system uses a special "watch" like identification unit worn on the operators' wrists. It detects both the stall position and animal ID at the moment the cluster is attached for milking. The Watch ID works in combination with the Crystal herd management system allowing you to record milk yield, conductivity and other animal data accurately and reliably.


Moving animals around on the farm is one of the most time consuming activities. Crystal automates cow traffic by combining animal identification and operating multi directional sorting gates. Animals wearing either ISO tags or pedometer tags can be directed along a pre-programmed route to destinations such as holding pens or group areas.